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Hunters, poachers, and famine-affected citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo greatly affect the native wildlife. They kill and eat animals, many of which are made or are already endangered. The Democratic Republic of the Congo could use its vast expanse of land to make refuges for these species to protect them from harm.

            A huge improvement upon the former dictatorship, the newly-formed constitution will help to restore peace in the country if handled correctly. One of the most important things to do is to reinforce foreign businesses’ confidence in the country’s security by using this constitution to reinstall democracy and order. This would greatly improve the economy.

            The AIDS epidemic sweeping across Africa is hugely affecting the economy and social aspects of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The government could offer a specific date at which they will cut off welfare or financial aid for AIDS patients, forcing the people to clean up their acts. GAP could also provide free preventive measures to help stop the disease from spreading.