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More than 75% of the Congolese are Christian with 50% being Roman Catholic, 20% being Protestant, and 10% Kimbanguist (Jesus Christ on Earth). Interestingly, there are only 10% of the people that are Muslim despite the country’s relative closeness the Middle East. 5% are other native, indigenous beliefs. White missionaries are mostly the cause of Christianity in this area; the Democratic Republic of the Congo might have been affected from its close proximity to Ethiopia.

While French is the official language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is still not spoken as much as one might think. Among the most commonly-spoken languages are Swahili in the east and Lingala in the west. French remains the official language since Belgian rule before the country’s 1960 Independence.

The typical Congolese meal consists of corn, rice, and manioc meal, made from cassava. Most of these foods are served often in the form of a soupy stew or porridge. Beer is often drunk. Because of the lack of means and finances to obtain meat, it is a dietary component sorely missed because of the people’s lack of protein.