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Physicial Features
Human Characteristics
Human Statistics
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Text Box: Assets

In recent years, the area that the Democratic Republic of the Congocovers has experience many hostile conflicts with rebels and other coups. This war was and is a large detriment to the economy because of the focus on the manufacture of military machines as opposed to contribution to domestic problems. This chaotic state discouraged many foreign businesses from desiring to do business in the country.

            Famine and malnutrition (mostly a protein deficiency) not only represent a threat to humans, but also to the local wildlife. Resorting to the consumption of “bush meat” or any wild forest animal that is made for dinner, the hunger-plagued citizens have endangered many species. Bush meat animals include small primates, elephants, antelope, crocodiles, and even gorillas. Poachers make a profit off of selling them to hungry people.

            A huge problem affecting both the economy and the social aspects of the country is the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 4.2% of the population currently has the disease. The aftershocks of this widespread breakout include the great grief of lost family members and the economic blow of money being needed for medical care.